The Vineyard of 3 P's in a Vine - "A Labor of Love"


The Vines:

The vineyard at 3 P’s in a Vine consists of Blanc Du Bois grapevines. We have approximately 2.5 acres of vines planted. Each year we work hard to try to grow a productive crop for harvest in late July. From early spring to nearly harvest time, we spend a lot of time working on the vines.  


The Process:

 When it comes time to harvest, we reach out for volunteers, (friends, family, and customers) to help us. We always start our harvest with a blessing from one of our church ministers, train our volunteers on how to harvest, harvest the grapes, provide a meal, and then work on crushing and pressing our grapes into juice for wine.  Harvest is always a fun time for us and our helpers.  


The Vintage:

Once the fun of the harvest has passed, we get started that same day to turn our fruit into the wonderful vino that fills the bottle. We immediately crush and press our grapes and get the juice into our stainless steel tank. We start the fermentation process and away we go. After about 3 – 5 months and a lot of work, we are ready to bottle our wines and get them out on our shelves for all to enjoy.   

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